Monday, March 17, 2008

Some Final Activities at the Old Church

We have moved into the new church but a few activities were still held at the old church. On March 11, approximately 17 ladies and 4 LCBI students gathered to sew layette items and pack them in boxes.

We work hard so certainly enjoy our coffee breaks. Here we stop for morning coffee. We had to sit around the table for coffee as the youth room was empty of furniture. (At least it isn't hard to get out of THESE chairs!)

Lila concentrates on getting that placket just right!

The Button Brigade! Catherine, Mary, Isabel and Doreen work hard to sew buttons on nightgowns and shirts.

Darlene mans the sewing machine while Ruby and Mary sew on buttons.

Byrdie sews on buttons while Carol and Sandra cut out gowns and blankets.

Carrie and Leslie are pros at sewing!

LCBI students Nicole and Ashalee pack layettes into the boxes Lowell gathered from Riverbend Coop and Ag Food.

LCBI students, Ashalee and Desi try to fit one more quilt into the box.

Tony, Ron and Elaine tote guns! (Tape guns that is)

Once the boxes are taped, Lila and Lorne add the labels.

Elaine just had to have a ride in the elevator so volunteered to help take the packed boxes upstairs!

On March 15, the Mortgage Reduction Committee organized a bake sale. We raised over $1300 from the sale so the workers will be happy about that!

The tables were full of delicious baking to choose from!

It's always good to sit around and talk at a Tea and Bake Sale.

Kirsti, Mari and Leslie are ready to take your Money!

The beautifully decorated tables made it easier to enjoy the occasion!

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