Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chairs and Tables arrive Mar. 1

On Saturday, March 1 at 8 am a number of volunteers showed up to unload all the pew chairs for the sanctuary, and all the tables and chairs for the parsh hall, in a little over an hour! They had quite the assembly line going!

Out of the truck and onto the trolley!

Into the Sanctuary!

Our pastor's wife has to be able to play the organ, teach Sunday School, lead ELW AND UNPACK CHAIRS!!!! Way to go Sherryl!

Margo and Jorgen were there to load up all the cardboard and and it to recycle!

And then the good part! Elaine helps serve up the pancake breakfast and Lorne is first in line!

The truck driver even joined us!

The new round table was put to good immediate use!

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