Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Recent Events

Christmas Schedule:
Dec. 24 - Candlelight Christmas Eve Service at 7:30 Pm
Dec. 25 - Communion Service at 11:15 am
Dec. 28 - 11:15 am
Please Join Us!

Our church has been well used. The annual Christmas Concert put on by our Sunday School was on December 14. Once again, we were treated to the Christmas story reenacted by our Sunday School. It was a delightful performance, reminding us of the real reason for our Christmas celebrations.

Waiting is sometimes the hardest - especially when you are in costume!

The angel spoke from "on high"!

The Kitchen Committee sponsored a Pancake breakfast on December 7th to raise money to buy items for the kitchen. It was a time of great fellowship!

The kitchen crew hard at work!

Our annual Christmas Banquet was a huge success.

Pr. Harley from Saskatoon, involved the audience in his presentation.

Special Delivery entertained us with a number of uplifting Christmas songs.

Christmas lighting greeted you as you entered the fellowship hall.

Craft and Bake Sale Huge Success!

The live auction is always entertaining! Gordon and Dale were our auctioneers.

Mission Work

Ladies make gowns, sweaters, etc. at home for layettes and then we get together for a "Button" party!

Our ELW has for years made quilts and layettes to send off to Lutheran World Relief for distribution to third world countries. We packed 113 layettes and 162 quilts.

Layette packing assembly line!

On the first Tuesday of the month, between 4 and 10 people go to Saskatoon to volunteer at Imed - Food for the hungry.

Medical machines are repaired and sent off to needy destinations.

Len had to build a storage container before packing up supplies for shipment.

Elaine, Arlene and Krista help sort, fold and pack hospital linens.

Sunday School

Once a month is craft day at Sunday School. In October, they could carve pumpkins - but had to use a Christian theme instead of the usual jack-o-lanterns. This group carver out "LOVE".

We are enjoying our paved parking lot. The lines will go on in the spring.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Download the December Proclaimer!

The Proclaimer (our monthly congregational newsletter) is now available for download!

The Proclaimer for December 2008

Sorry that this is so late - the next Proclaimer should be posted in a more timely manner.