Thursday, October 25, 2007

Progress at the new church is steady!

Maybe Peter should have had these stilts to walk on the water!

The Parish Hall ceiling has been mudded!

Our fireplace has a new look!

Mudding in the sanctuary can be interesting!

Blow in insulation is being used for the ceilings!

Hank and crew have been busy getting our sidewalks poured before the cold weather sets in!

Quilting at Old church

It's coffee time!
"Pr. Avis" and Carrie deliver the goodies!

Who's the pastor around the quilting circle???

Oh, that's delicious!
Carrie Maureen and Jan enjoy their coffee break.

Leslie, Jean, Byrdie and Shirley take a well deserved break.

Catherine finds "Pr." Avis' advice quite humorous!

Layette items were set out to see what we have on hand.

Maureen and Doreen pack layettes while Shirley and Byrdie tie quilts in the background.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

LCBI's Take out Tuesday

Bethlehem Lutheran Church has been blessed by the help we get from Take Out Tuesday LCBI students. Last spring, some of the LCBI students helped us clean the old church, move sand in the crawl space, put up rafters and helped install the floor of the new church. Bryan, LCBI staff member, Luke, Bob, site supervisor and Luke sort and dispose of some of the debris left by our workers. (It's not a misprint: both LCBI students are Lukes!)Last year, a number of LCBI students helped us tie quilts. This year they came down to help sew buttons on night shirts, night gowns, sweaters and jackets which a number of ladies have sewn for layette items. Here LCBI staff member, Cindi, shows Lindsay how to sew on a button.

Stefie and Desi sew on buttons.

Alex takes great care in sewing on a button on a nightgown.

Maureen also helps sew and instruct LCBI students, Stefie, Desi, and Lindsay as they sew on buttons. Have you ever been to a "Button Party"?

Alex and Cindi with a lot of the finished items.

Lindsay hands Alex a shirt to pack in the layette. Each layette has 4 cloth diapers, 2 baby blankets, 2 washcloths, 2 nightshirts, 2 nightgowns, 2 safety pins, and 1 sweater. These are sent to third world countries and given out to young mothers.
Desi and Stefie pack up a layette for Lutheran World Relief.


Approximately 12 ladies gathered in our church basement to quilt on Monday and Tuesday, October 15& 16. A lot of work is put in before quilting days: material is sorted, many tops are made and a lot of material is squared.

Carrie is a very faithful servant who helps in all aspects of the quilting process. Here, she is squaring off a back.

Leslie uses her sewing talents to make backs, fillings or tops. Be careful what clothes you leave around her or it might end up in a quilt!

Lila and June make a "sandwich" of a back, a top and a filler in between. Then they pin the edges so it is ready for a sewer.

Jan, Lila, June, Doreen, Carrie Pin more quilts. Oh, Oh, did we quilt Jan's face? Maybe she is just camera shy!!!

Avis, quit bothering Elaine! She needs to hem the quilt so it is ready to be tied!

Byrdie finishes off the edges of another quilt.

Jean gets ready to tie a quilt.

Doreen concentrates as she ties another quilt.

Helga finds out that even visitors are put to work! Here, she and Isabel tie a very colourful quilt.

We will be quilting again from next Monday morning to Wednesday noon. Any help is appreciated!

Work Continues

Volunteers have had a bit of a reprieve as different trades people do their job.

Here the plumbers have installed a temporary furnace so the mudders could get started.

Much of the taping is done.

The sidewalks will soon be installed. Hopefully, that will mean that less mud will be tracked in.

Friday, October 12, 2007

More gyprocking, poly etc

The gyprocking crew -
busy installing gyprock on the sanctuary ceiling

It's a long way up there but scaffolding and ladders help!

The sanctuary is insulated and covered with poly.

Doorways off the fellowship hall.

It's a long way from the kitchen to the sanctuary!

Our entry way framed and ready for insulation.

We are still waiting for the outside doors!

Leslie helps clean up for Homecoming! We hope that lots of people from
Homecoming will have a chance to visit our new church!

The entry way insulated and ready for poly and gyprock.

"Stretch Dennis" doesn't need a ladder to staple this poly!

Most of the sanctuary is gyprocked now.

Our sidewalks should soon be poured! It should reduce
the mud being tracked in after our last rain!