Friday, March 28, 2008

More Easter Breakfast Pictures from Stephanie

Our Easter Breakfast was a time of great fellowship as you can see from the following photos.

Some of our "master"cooks, Tony, Garth, Dennis and Cliff, model their aprons.

Mike, Ernie, Tony, Dennis, Cliff and Steve keep us well fed.

Make sure you get enough pancakes Pr. Daryl! You still have a sermon to preach!

The early birds get the worm (or pancakes in this case!)

Have you tried this syrup yet? It has no calories!!!

Would you like a cup of coffee with that?

Are these pancakes good! I didn't have to cook them myself!

Coffee tops off a good breakfast!

Carolie is sure to keep her neighbours entertained!

This is a great way to feed your guests!

Well, Let's see. Should I go for seconds?

Remember when??

Do we need introductions here? I doubt it! We've already met.

I had better finish this! I have to play the piano this morning!

That was a good meal! Now we have to let it digest!

Who wants to eat when you can play with your best friend? Christa and Nyah enjoy the nursery room.

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