Sunday, March 9, 2008

Opening Day Service - March 9, 2008

March 9 was an exciting day for our congregation! We had our first worship service in the new church! Praise be to God!

Many Sunday School students came early eager to see where their new classrooms would be!

The students gather together for the opening.

The nursery class will certainly enjoy their new surroundings!

The adult Sunday School met in the fireside lounge.

People came early and found a welcoming area in the parish hall.

Edith Vinge, one of our older members, enjoys a visit with Claudia Lammers, one of our youngest members before service.

The Sunday School expressed their joy with a procession of flags during the service.

People lined up for coffee and goodies after service.

A good visit was had by all!!

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Normay said...

Thank you, thank you for the updates on what has been happening re. our church. You did it! March 9th service was in the new church! Praise God! The volunteers must have been going like crazy to get everything done in such record time. I'm so proud of you all. BUT I'm sad I missed all that. I'm so thankful, however, that when I returned from Israel, I could be informed through the blogspot. The video of the final service on March 2nd brough mixed emotions, not only to me, but also to Arlen and Norma May as we watched the proceedings. We have so many fond memories of the past, but we truly rejoice that God has opened the door to provide a new spacious church building for us. As part of the building committee I think often about the leading of God that has been so evident and I rejoice in God's faithfulness and His continual answers to prayer. To God Be The Glory! Helen Salte