Thursday, March 6, 2008

Getting Ready for Sunday Church Service!!!

The pew chairs had to be unpacked, vacuumed and set up!

Round tables for the parish hall needed unpacking.

We had a crew in the old kitchen packing up while others unpacked in the new kitchen. Look at all those cupboards!

Praise be to God! We were able to have our Wednesday night lenten service in the new sanctuary! Plans were to use the education wing as we had planned on setting up the pew chairs after the lenten service! But our volunteers provided a miracle and had them set up in time for the service!

The sanctuary all set up for Sunday worship!

Young fathers will be very pleased to know that there is a change table in the Men's washroom!

The rocking chair in the crying room is ready for use!

Mrs. Hermanson has her Sunday School room ready for Sunday School on March 9th.

The youth got to bring their favourite, comfortable furniture to the new church.

The Kindergarten classroom is also ready!

The Hopkins unloading the trollies for the kitchen. Jim made all four for us!

Look at all the space in our new kitchen!

Maureen is all smiles in her new office!

The Sunday School tables get a good scrubbing before going into the individual rooms.

Every corner must be cleaned! Here, Darlene reaches the high corners of the entrance windows.

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