Thursday, November 22, 2007

Millwork arrives!

Five or six volunteers met at the church to help Bob and truckdriver Larry, unload millwork from the truck. Interior doors, cabinetry etc. were unloaded in record time by the willing workers.

Thankfully, the doors were light! Here Pr. Daryl carries in a door while Pr. Ron waits his turn.

Dennis and Pr. Daryl carefully lay the door on the others while Lila supervises.

It was exciting to see our sanctuary cross being carried in by Pr. Daryl, Tony, Pr. Ron and truckdriver Larry.

The cross will eventually be suspended over the partial wall of the sanctuary.
Les has been busy building the raised part of the chancel.

Willing workers, Larry, Bob, Tony, Pr. Ron, Dennis and Pr. Daryl, pose with all the millwork they unloaded.

Lila disappeared before I could take the photo with the millwork. I found her busy cleaning up in the Sunday School area.

The drywallers are re-doing the parish hall ceiling as somehow they ended up with two colours of paint on the ceiling. It's a dusty job and we are thankful that they were conscientious enough to notice it and consequently redo it.

While the volunteers unloaded mother and daughter team, Pearl and Sandy were busy painting in the Sunday School area.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the States. We here in Outlook, have a lot to be thankful for in the progress we are seeing in the building of our church. To God be the Glory!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Old Church...

The 'Old Church' was a happening place on Tuesday afternoon as well. Diapers had to be folded, layettes had to be packed, and Maureen was anxious to get some sorting and cleaning done prior to our move.

Here, LCBI president Cindi, and Bethlehem secrectary Maureen, pose with the LCBI 'Take Out Tuesday' students who came to help clean out under the stair well and pack layettes.

Helping the ELW ladies pack layettes for Lutheran World Relief, was the fun part of the afternoon.

These girls got Garbage detail. The students helped clean out the storage area under the stairwell. As you can imagine, a lot of "stuff" was stored under here. This area has had its damp moments. The resulting odour was not always pleasant!

Some of the girls got to shred some old papers.

We would like to say a special "Thank You" to all the students who helped this afternoon. You have done yourselves and your school proud!

Exciting Progress!

It was very exciting visiting the new church today! So much was going on! The trades people were there as well as some LCBI students for 'Take Out Tuesday".

The electricians are installing light fixtures!

Les is back to build the stage for the chancel area.

The secretary's and the pastor's offices have been undercoated and are ready for the next coat of paint.

Pearl undercoats the nursery.

We took advantage of LCBI's 'Take Out Tuesday'. Staff supervisor Cliff, demonstrates the proper technique for moving dirt!

LCBI students were busy sweeping up after the mudding job.

Time to use that broom! Others got to haul in plywood.

BA gets to use the bobcat to move dirt but the students...

have to use the old fashioned method!

Thanks to our potato farmer, JohnW., we have top soil ready to be spread and worked in.

If you get a chance to visit our new church site, please do so. There is usually somebody around from 9 to 5 on weekdays or I am sure you can find someone to show you around on weekends!

Nov 19th volunteers

A number of volunteers showed up to clean up after the mudding and to do some trimming.
The Church is an impressive view from the southwest!

Most of the ceilings have been stippled.

Clean up after mudding can be very dusty as Tony and Dennis can attest!

Bryce trims around the window while Lloyd scrapes some "mud" off the floor.

Cars can now park in front of the church as the ground has been leveled and gravel has been brought in. Pretty soon cars will be parked here on Sunday mornings and for the many church activities that take place in our church!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Craft and Bake Sale a Success!

Once again our Craft and Bake Sale proved to be a huge success. There were lots of crafts and baking - despite being busy with the new church. Thank you to all the contributers.
We raised approximately $1467.00 at the bake sale, $202.00 at the lunch, $696.00 at the silent auction and $2862.00 at the live auction sale for an unconfirmed total of $5228.00. All the proceeds go to the building fund.
The building committee hopes that everyone had a good time visiting while admiring and buying the handiwork of fellow parishioners.

Lorne, and autioneer Gordon urge a higher bid while Carrie displays the quilt for sale. Carrie is one of our more prolific crafters!

Dennis, Kalen, Amanda and Shawn watch, and record the successful bidders!

The crowd watches closely as the bidding progresses!

As with every event, clean up is necessary. Here, neighbours, Len and Tony man the brooms while Susan checks that it is done right! (Just remember, you are not using curling brooms!)

Then it was time to go home.

On Monday morning volunteers are getting together at the new church to clean up in preparation for the flooring crew.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

ELW prepares for Craft Sale!

Our old church is now officially for sale. While it is sad to see a "For Sale" sign on a church, it is also a sign that our new church is near completion. If anyone is interested in buying the old building, contact Tony at 306-867-8034.

The church council is urging all members to consider automatic debit as a way to donate to the building fund. Treasurer, Shawn, doesn't want to lose too much hair over worrying about making payments! We would really like to pay it off in 13 years to save on interest.
Donations are also being accepted for our chair fund to help pay for the pew chairs which should be arriving about mid December.

Building our new church has not slowed down activity in the old church. A number of ladies have been busy getting ready for our annual craft sale. Isabel made and donated a quilt top for the ladies to put together and hand stitch.

Some of the ladies who hand stitched the quilt included Carrie, Betty, Byrdie and Isabel.

This quilt will be one of the items auctioned off at our Craft and Bake Sale on November 17 at the Heritage Center.

Bake Sale 1:00 pm
Silent Auction 1:00 - 2:30 pm
Live Auction 2:30 pm
Coffee and Goodies will be served
Bring your friends for a good opportunity to shop for Christmas!

Craft items for the silent and live auctions, and Baking for the sale will be accepted from 10 am and on.

Coffee time is important for us all. Pr. Ron came to join us and found himself recruited into preparing and cleaning up after coffee! (We were too busy stitching!)

Maureen and Lila sewed on buttons while others quilted.

Doreen and Jean hand tied another quilt for the auction.

Anne, Isabel and Byrdie frantically stitch while Carrie "cracks the whip".

Byrdie, Isabel, Carrie and Lona working hard!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Progress to November 1st.

Most of the mudding and taping is done. The crew will be back soon to stipple the ceilings. They hope to be done by the end of next week. Then the painting can start!

Bob and Rick are pleased with the progress so far. We have decided not to push it to be in by Christmas so we can take our time to make the move as smoothly as possible.

The inside entry doors and windows have been installed. We are still waiting for the outside doors.

The window in the fireside lounge looks out into the kitchen on the left and the parish hall to the right.

The Sunday School Assembly area is surrounded by the Sunday School rooms. They, too, are waiting to be stippled so painting can start.

Stippling the sanctuary ceiling will be a challenge!

The church looks very impressive from Mackenzie street (e.g. from the southeast). Note that most of the dirt piles have been removed and a lot of levelling has taken place. We will soon have topsoil delivered by friendly potato farmer, John.