Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jan 14 - The Cross is in Place!

We are now getting to the finishing touches.
The flooring crew should be here this week.
We are working hard,both at the old church
and at the new church, to be ready to have
our first service in the new church on
March 9. Stop in and see the progress!

The Cross has been raised! Thanks be to God!

Jarl making door frame adjustments.

Perry installing sanctuary doors.

Darren and Jim installing kitchen
overhead door.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lorne's Photos

Thanks to Lorne for the following photos.

Communion Railing

Dec 07 - Lorne turning spindles for Communion railing.

Dec 7 - step 1 completed.

Jan 12 2008 - railing complete ready for stain and finishing.

Painting Crew

Jan 12 08 Bob and Sandi busy at work!

Heating system, Jim Johnson's crew

Boilers are now installed and replace the temporary furnaces.

Jan 12 08 David and Darci - adjusting entrance heaters.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Back to work after holidays!

Pumbers, painters and some volunteer carpenters were busy at the church Friday morning. Most helped put the serving counter top in place.
Make sure you don't drop or scratch it! It's heavy!

The counter top is in place but still needs to be leveled and some shims put in.

That will make a real nice serving area!

More kitchen cupboards are in place. It's quite a change from our old kitchen!

The table/chair storage room is being used for other storage while construction continues!

Our parish hall is now well lit!

Soon these saw horses will be replaced with new tables and chairs!