Thursday, November 1, 2007

Progress to November 1st.

Most of the mudding and taping is done. The crew will be back soon to stipple the ceilings. They hope to be done by the end of next week. Then the painting can start!

Bob and Rick are pleased with the progress so far. We have decided not to push it to be in by Christmas so we can take our time to make the move as smoothly as possible.

The inside entry doors and windows have been installed. We are still waiting for the outside doors.

The window in the fireside lounge looks out into the kitchen on the left and the parish hall to the right.

The Sunday School Assembly area is surrounded by the Sunday School rooms. They, too, are waiting to be stippled so painting can start.

Stippling the sanctuary ceiling will be a challenge!

The church looks very impressive from Mackenzie street (e.g. from the southeast). Note that most of the dirt piles have been removed and a lot of levelling has taken place. We will soon have topsoil delivered by friendly potato farmer, John.

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