Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Exciting Progress!

It was very exciting visiting the new church today! So much was going on! The trades people were there as well as some LCBI students for 'Take Out Tuesday".

The electricians are installing light fixtures!

Les is back to build the stage for the chancel area.

The secretary's and the pastor's offices have been undercoated and are ready for the next coat of paint.

Pearl undercoats the nursery.

We took advantage of LCBI's 'Take Out Tuesday'. Staff supervisor Cliff, demonstrates the proper technique for moving dirt!

LCBI students were busy sweeping up after the mudding job.

Time to use that broom! Others got to haul in plywood.

BA gets to use the bobcat to move dirt but the students...

have to use the old fashioned method!

Thanks to our potato farmer, JohnW., we have top soil ready to be spread and worked in.

If you get a chance to visit our new church site, please do so. There is usually somebody around from 9 to 5 on weekdays or I am sure you can find someone to show you around on weekends!

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