Thursday, November 22, 2007

Millwork arrives!

Five or six volunteers met at the church to help Bob and truckdriver Larry, unload millwork from the truck. Interior doors, cabinetry etc. were unloaded in record time by the willing workers.

Thankfully, the doors were light! Here Pr. Daryl carries in a door while Pr. Ron waits his turn.

Dennis and Pr. Daryl carefully lay the door on the others while Lila supervises.

It was exciting to see our sanctuary cross being carried in by Pr. Daryl, Tony, Pr. Ron and truckdriver Larry.

The cross will eventually be suspended over the partial wall of the sanctuary.
Les has been busy building the raised part of the chancel.

Willing workers, Larry, Bob, Tony, Pr. Ron, Dennis and Pr. Daryl, pose with all the millwork they unloaded.

Lila disappeared before I could take the photo with the millwork. I found her busy cleaning up in the Sunday School area.

The drywallers are re-doing the parish hall ceiling as somehow they ended up with two colours of paint on the ceiling. It's a dusty job and we are thankful that they were conscientious enough to notice it and consequently redo it.

While the volunteers unloaded mother and daughter team, Pearl and Sandy were busy painting in the Sunday School area.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the States. We here in Outlook, have a lot to be thankful for in the progress we are seeing in the building of our church. To God be the Glory!

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