Saturday, August 25, 2007

Volunteer Day

Volunteers gathered on Saturday, Aug. 25 , under the guidance of our site director , Bob to paint, make temporary drain troughs, drill holes, move insulation, cut out vents and clean up. We had hoped to be stuffing insulation but our electricians were not able to finish wiring in time. That's a big pile of garbage to sort and clean up. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? Quite a bit if we can all keep up to Helen!
Who's hiding behind the drill?
How can I incorporate this in my Sermon tomorrow????

Master Driller Cam at work.
Cliff and Andrew supervise Tony as he tries to pick the lock on the tool chest! (PS. They had to call in the exports!)

Truck loaded and ready for the garbage dump! "Make sure someone follows me. I'm not sure if the truck will make it!"

What happened to all that garbage?

We even installed a door or two!
How do you like our newly styled door????

Tony and Bob pack up after a hard day's work!

Time to go home!

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