Thursday, August 23, 2007

Craft Show and Tea

Light shines through the church in this beautifully crafted quilt!

LCBI Quilt crafted in the 1950's

Lots of Quilts!

More Quilts, needlework, & CLWR projects from recycled materials.

Needlework on display

Barbie Clothes and wordwork - Noah's ark and horse and sleigh.

Needlework and crocheting.

CLWR materials and stained glass nativity scene.

Dressmaking skills on display.


MC and organizer, Helen encourages laughter!

Diesel fitter (Des will fit her) Sven and Sewer Ole team up to get Canadian citizenship!
Font size
Songwriter Bev, and national award winning composer, Vandana entertain us with their original compositions!

LCBI Pres. Cindi shares her story and her vision for LCBI

Mary, Queen of Scots, even visited us!

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