Monday, August 13, 2007

More Pictures!

The roofers have certainly been busy. There are only two of them but they are already about 2/3 finished as of August 13.
The sanctuary is taking shape. It is much bigger than what we now have and no longer in the greyhound bus shape!
Not only are the Sunday School rooms much larger, but we will also have a common area for the Sunday School openings!
Can you picture the tables and chairs in this, the fellowship area? Washrooms are to the left and the kitchen is at the far end.
The roofers apply a layer of felt and then the shingles are put in place.

We are getting ready to put on siding. Volunteers can again be used in this step.
Just show up! I am sure someone will put you to work!

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Lyla Peter said...

I have a feeling that the roofers don't think that the roofing is going fast enough!

Looks good