Thursday, August 16, 2007

August 15 pictures

Rick and Bob check mesurements and keep everybody on track!
The Sanctuary windows have been installed.
Many sheets of plywood are already down to provide a good base for the flooring.
The roofing should be done by Friday! Hopefully that means we won't have to worry about the rain anymore!

The Siding is being installed! Note the new windows. Most of them are installed as well!
Make sure that siding is straight!

Hard at work!

Wrapped and ready for siding! - Fellowship area.

The Sunday School area wrapped and ready!

God has certainly blessed us as we move forward with the building of our church. Continue to pray for this project and that the trades people will be able to keep up the pace! We are about 1 week ahead of schedule but may have to wait for electrical and mechanical people to finish before we can do the insulation etc.

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