Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Number of Firsts!

Our First Confirmation Class in the new church!
Emma, Hokken, Curtis, Troy, Andrew, Eric and Pr. Daryl.
Confirmation Sunday was June 1st. It was also the first baptism using our new baptismal font. Andrew was baptized as well! What a day for celebration! (See photos of our font under Confirmation Tea)

This was actually our second baptism in the new church. Doreen Carlson was received into full membership of our church by adult baptism. Our first infant baptism was Elisa Woudwijk who was baptized on June 8.

Our first wedding shower was a first in two ways. It was a couples' shower which was also a first. It was held on May 14 for Jenna Akre and Derek Harder.

Our first wedding in the new church was on July 12th when Debbie Lammers married Ryan Tilk.

Our first 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration was held on Sunday, July 27 for Myron and Kae Germo. Their family hosted a wonderful afternoon paying tribute for the love and spiritual leadership they gave them. Hopefully, there will be a photo of this soon!

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