Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday School Visits New Church

The Sunday School got a chance to visit the new church on Sunday, September 23 during the regular Sunday School hour. They appropriately began their tour in what will be the Sunday School assembly room. Here, hands go up and mouths are closed!

Everybody wants to see!
The students were divided into four groups with group leaders. Here group leader, Dennis tells the students about the cross that will be at the front of the sanctuary.
"And this is where the kitchen will be," group leader Tony points out.
All students got to write their names on the wall. Here, group leader Lorne, makes sure that they follow the directions outlined by Sunday School superintendent, Kirsti.
Darlene's group listens while she explains the need for insulation in the Sunday School walls.
Time to go to the next room!
"This is the crying room, where mothers can take their babies if they cry during service," Darlene explains.
This Sunday School room is gyprocked and ready for taping, mudding, painting, flooring, furnishing etc. etc. and then the students can move in!

Leif leaves his mark! (Yes, the students were told not to write their names on the walls at home .... )
Time to go back to the old church again!
Thank you to Kirsti and the Sunday School teachers for giving our younger members a chance to visit the new church. Also thanks to the parents who showed up. I'm sure they were all impressed with the spacious new area they will soon have for Sunday School!

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