Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Volunteers, Sept. 15

Saturday saw a number of volunteers come out to insulate, put up vapour barrier, do some caulking etc. It was a beautiful day - a great day for gardening, harvesting etc. so we really thank those who took time to come out and help.Steve and Dennis access the situation and ponder the next step. (Or are they just waiting for coffee break?)

Ron and Lila "Doctoring" up the cracks in the wall!

Make sure you get that insulation in the right place! Is it trimmed properly? I think I'll supervise Cam from down here!
Look real closely and you'll see Linda, Wayne and Kelly WAY UP, UP, UP, there!

Our fireplace is installed! Note the unique framing we've added to enhance the beauty of the fireplace!

Lila and Dennis enjoy the Fireside Lounge at coffee time!

Do you like our modern couch that Catherine and Avis are sitting on? Steve does even better with feature arm chair. Note our up to date coffee table!
Our church should be well built! After all, we have not one, but two "holy fathers" helping us! Here Pr. Daryl and Pr. Ron take a well deserved break. Both have spent many hours volunteering at the church!

A great time to come to visit is at coffee time. Here Janet, Mrs. Haugen, Catherine and Mrs. Akre join us for coffee and get a feel for the Fireside Lounge. We have already decided that this will probably become the most popular room in our new church!

BA was just too busy to join us for coffee! (Or was it that the coffee was not strong enough for him????)

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