Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Historic Day!

Quilting Days - February 11 - 15

Twice a year the ladies of Bethlehem Lutheran Church get together to make quilts to be transported to Lutheran World Relief who then "bale" them and ship them to third world countries. This was a special time for the ladies as it is the last time we will be quilting in the old church. However, we are planning on getting together on Februaruy 27 to sew layette items to ship as well.

Avis irons the fabric which Carrie then "squares" and pieces together to ready it for sewing.

Leslie is one of the ladies who sew fabric together to make tops, fillers, or bottoms.

Doreen, June and Iris pin tops, fillers and bottoms together, to once again get them ready for the sewers.

Darlene is one of the ladies who sews the outside borders of the quilt.

Tying is a big job! Here Dorothy, Evelyn and Shelley tie one quilt while Isabel, Myrtle and Byrdie tie another one. (Evelyn wants you to know that she actually got up in time to quilt before morning coffee!!!)

Once they are tied, they are piled on the pew in stacks of 20. Later, we will pack them in the boxes Lowell has collected from the Co-op and Ag Foods to ready them for shipping. Gordon and Catherine then take them to Saskatoon where Atomic Transport transports them to the LWR office in Winnipeg. They are then baled and shipped to third world countries.

We had lots to celebrate! It was our last day of quilting in the old church. We made a total of 136 quilts and 6 blankets and it was Lila's birthday. Avis and Carrie also have February birthdays so we honoured them as well.

Prs. Ron and Daryl bring in the refreshments and Elisa, Avis and Lila bring in the cake and ice cream.
This last coffee time was very special as we shared memories of past quilting days. It would be very interesting to know how many quilts were made in this church. We have written records dating back to 1971, but most of the long time quilters feel that we started before that. The total from 1971 and on is 7, 155 quilts and 6, 350 layettes. That does not include the 136 we made this week.

Carrie shared a poem she had written in 1999. (At least we didn't sew a pair of scissors in the quilt). She ended with a prayer she had written,

"Dear Father in heaven, we give you praise
For you have blessed us in so many ways
We have an abundance of every good
We thank you for health, shelter and daily food.
We have so much, Lord forgive our greed
And help us remember the many in need
Give us compassion, make us people who care
May we show your love and be willing to share.
We pray you will bless the work of our hands
May it bring relief in many lands.

We topped off the day by touring the new church.

The Narthex is carpeted.

Some of the ladies examined the altar rail which was being stained, while others toured the all important kitchen! The drain table is in place waiting for the dishwasher to be installed.

"Where is the coffee??? It's not ready yet???" Byrdie and Doreen ask from the Fireside Lounge.

Lorne and Tony have finished the communion table.

This is what we came to see! This is where we will be quilting in the fall. The Sunday School assembly area is not as big as the basement but we will be able to make use of a Sunday School room or two for ironing or sewing. We will also have a big storage room.
The flooring is installed in most of the Sunday School area. They should be finished all the flooring by the end of next week. The mill work should also be near completion and then there is the big job of cleaning! (You wouldn't believe how dusty it is after the trades people have done their work!) Then the move begins! Maureen is ready!

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