Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last pictures before Christmas!

Yes , they are still very busy at the new church! There is painting, electrical, plumbing and carpentry work being done. The painting, electrical and plumbing will be at or near completion by Christmas time. The carpenters are busy framing and installing doors. By next week, we hope to see some of the flooring people. They will have to prepare the floors before they can actually lay flooring. Some of the cabinetry is being installed and the material has been ordered for the altar furnishings. Praise be to God for all the blessings we have experienced with this building project!

It is hard to get a good picture in the bright sun! The front glass doors have been installed and they are busy finishing off the inside part of the entry way.

The electricians are busy finishing off the electrical work. Here they are working on the sound booth area.

The upright freezer and the fridge have arrived! These should be much more energy efficient than the old clunker we now have!

Our ever faithful site manager, Bob, is busy installing the kitchen cupboards.

The Fireplace still needs to be framed but the walls are painted and window trim done!

Most of the doors and framing has been installed in the Sunday School area.

The nursery is painted a lovely blue. I am sure our youngest members will appreciate the bright, but calming colour!

The nursery has a small window looking into the sanctuary.

The secretary's office and the pastor's office are both painted maroon. Pr. Daryl says it really doesn't matter as when he gets all his book shelves up, you won't be able to see the walls anyway!

The half wall behind the altar area has its first coat of maroon paint. The wood cross will accent this area.

It takes many workers to build a church like this. Here, you see someone staining the trim, another installing the door frames and Helen, our volunteer coordinator.

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