Monday, July 9, 2007

Construction Has Begun!

Excavation is done; piles are in; floor is constructed and walls are going up. Volunteers from the congregation and LCBI have been busy hammering, shoveling, sawing and insulating.

Excavation began in April and the foundation was poured in May by Hank Halseth and crew. On June 19, floor trusses were put up in record time with as many as 28 volunteers from the congregation and LCBI working together. By Friday, the 29th, all floor sections were in place.
Soaring temperatures in the first week of July did not slow down the progress. Walls started to appear as did birthday cake for Ron Sagness, one of the volunteers. Workers literally came up out of the hole to have a piece of birthday cake at the "lunch break" call! Helen's piece of cake bit the dirt and Les Engen, contractor, actually refused this blackened offering! (This was after making it part of the contract that we supply him with cake and pie!)

We are very excited about the progress of our new church and hope to update this blog with pictures in the next week! Keep in touch and keep this project in your prayers.

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Lyla Peter said...

Yay! There's a blog to chart progress! Now lets get some pictures up of the new church!